Rivkah's Simple & Easy Chicken Soup (that leaves everybody asking for
another bowl)


Serves 10-12

· 4-5 chicken frames washed and cleaned (frames can be put into a mesh cooking bag – can buy them at Rishon)
· One large sweet potato cut into quarters
· 5-6 carrots cut into medium pieces
· 3 onions peeled and left whole
· Salt to taste
· Water to fill pot
In an 8 litre pot  put in chicken frames, vegetables and fill with water.
Allow to boil and simmer for a few hours.
I put this soup up in the morning and let it simmer until ready to serve.  For Shabbat I put it on the blech before candle lighting time.
Some liquid will evaporate, but you can fill it up with water as it will be a rich broth.  Add salt to taste.
If you use the mesh cooking bag, you just remove it and you won’t have any of the chicken frame remnants in the soup. For a very clear soup you can put all the vegetables in the mesh cooking bag also. This eliminates all the straining and there will be no fat because you have used frames, not fatty chicken or meat.
Serve with soup niblets or lokshen