Brit Milah

The  brit milah, circumcision, is a physical symbol of the relationship between G‑d and the Jewish people. 

All Jewish baby boys will have a brit milah where they will also be given a Jewish (Hebrew) name.

The procedure is performed by a mohel, who has mastered the Jewish Laws with regards to circumcision and has been extensively trained. The Brit is usually followed by a Seudah (meal) or a party.  

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For more information regarding a brit milah at Chabad Malvern, or to be put in touch with an experienced mohel, please contact our shul office here or call 98224985, ext.9.


Baby Naming

Your Jewish name is the channel by which life reaches you from Above. In fact, the Kabbalists say that when parents name a child, they experience a minor prophecy—because, somehow, that child’s destiny is wrapped up in the combination of Hebrew letters that make up his or her name.

Many parents choose to name their children after relatives or they may choose a name based on a Jewish Holiday or event which occurred around the same time they were born. 

A girl gets her name at the Torah reading in the synagogue. The rabbi or Torah reader recites a prayer for the health of mother and child, and the father provides the name that the parents have chosen. Since the Torah is the source of all good things, granting a name in the presence of the Torah infuses the name with blessing.
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For more information regarding baby naming at Chabad Malvern, please contact our shul office  here  or call 98224985, ext.9.