In Jewish tradition a Yahrzeit is considered to be of great importance. 

It is a special day of reckoning, a day of taking stock, when one is granted new and fresh inspirations for the strengthening of Yiddishkeit.

Each year on the day of the Yarzheit, the soul is elevated, and rises to greater heights, through the actions of the living family. 

There are various customs with regard to observing a Yarzheit. Please note some of them:

Starting with the Shabbos prior, if possible one should try to get an aliyah (if available), to light a candle on the eve of the Yarzheit prior to sunset, and to say Kaddish in shul.

If you are unable to go to shul, you can get someone to go to shul and say the Kaddish for you. At this time it is also customary to visit the cemetery and say Tehillim/Psalms, and perform the traditional act of tzedakah. 

If you would like to donate a memorial plaque in honour of your loved one, please contact the Shul Office here.

If you would like to donate a Siddur/Jewish Book in honour of the Yahrtzeit of a loved one, please contact the Shul Office here. (A dedication and name will be inscribed in the book). 

If you would like to be notified of a loved one's Yahrtzeit each year please contact our shul office  here  or call 98224985, ext.9.