An enrolment fee of $300.00 is applicable when a place for your child is confirmed. Please note this fee is non-refundable. An enrolment form, together with immunization records is required to be filled out completely, and given to the centre prior to orientation.

Creche fees are billed and full payment is due on a fortnightly basis every 2 weeks, in advance.

Our fees include a hot meal, morning tea, afternoon tea, nappies and sunscreen.



There are rebates and benefits available from the government, through the Family Assistance Office (FAO), for the fees that you pay:

In order to be eligible for these you must be registered with the Family Assistance Office by applying for a Customer Reference Number (CRN) for your child/ren and yourself. We must be notified of your fully approved, ready to be formalized (linked) with Centrelink, CRN numbers. It is your responsibility, when giving your CRN numbers to the Creche, that they are fully approved with Centrelink as you may not be able to receive or claim your Child Care Rebate (CCR) or Child Care Benefit (CCB) at present or at the end of the Financial Year.  We are not responsible for any back payments. As soon as your CRN numbers are given to the creche office you must call to verify that you are formalized with Centrelink.


Child Care Rebate (CCR)
If you qualify, the amount of Child Care Rebate is based on 50% of your out of pocket expenses.

The maximum amount of Child Care Rebate you can get is $7,500 per child per year. The maximum amount payable is called the cap amount. Once you reach the Child Care Rebate cap for your child for the financial year, you will not be entitled to any further rebate until the next financial year.

You should use your Department of Human Services online account regularly to check the amount of rebate you receive. This will help you know when you have reached the maximum rebate.


Child Care Benefit (CCB)

Child Care Benefit is means tested and helps with the cost of approve child care and registered child care. To receive the Child Care Rebate (above) you must claim Child Care Benefit. If you are eligible for Child Care Benefit but your Child Care Benefit entitlement is zero due to income, you may still be eligible for the Child Care Rebate.


Child Care Rebate/Benefit Cap Information

Don’t forget that the maximum amount of Child Care Rebate (CCR) you can get is $7,500 per child per year.  Also, don’t forget that if a family’s CCB rate is higher than zero there is a 15% buffer in place to prevent families receiving an overpayment. This means the CCR cap for these families will be $6,375. Even if a family chooses a zero rate to reduce the risk of an overpayment they will still have the buffer applied. Families should contact the Family Assistance Office if they have a query about reaching the cap.



Full fees are payable when children are absent from the centre due to being on holidays, sickness, or a general day off from creche. We are unable to offer make up and swapping days. If you require extra care due to special circumstances, please contact the Coordinator. Advance notice is required if children are going to be absent due to holidays. If your child is going to be absent due to illness, please inform the centre on that day.



A month’s termination notice will be in effect regardless if the child has physically started, and one month’s notice with full payment must be given to the centre when terminating your place, or decreasing the amount of days you require.   In the case of your child being designated to stay until Pesach, then one month’s notice does not apply and payment of full fees is due till Pesach

When terminating care at the end of a year, full fees are payable to the end of the year, unless the child has left before September 1.

If you give notice to terminate your place, full fees will be charged and CCB will only be given for the days your child attends during the notice periods.

Children who turn 3 from January till May, and have been given a confirmed booking for the full year, then a three months’ notice must be given when leaving the creche.



All children enrolled at the Centre should be immunised according to the State of Victoria Immunisation Schedule. Immunisation information records given to parents with enrolment forms should be completed and returned to the centre prior to commencement. Immunisation against Hepatitis B is encouraged, but not a requirement of enrolment. Parents should discuss the matter with their doctor.

If a parent chooses not to immunise their child, they must provide a written statement to this effect prior to the commencement of care. A non-immunised child will be excluded from the centre if there is an outbreak of disease listed on the Victorian Immunisation Schedule.

Immunisation must be up to date, or parents will lose their right to receive Childcare Benefit.