What is a Mikvah?

A mikvah is a spiritual ritual bath for married Jewish women who follow the ancient traditional laws of family purity, which guide the intimate relationships between husband and wife. Unlike an ordinary bathtub or swimming pool, a kosher mikvah must contain a certain quantity of ‘Mayim Chayim’ (living waters) – gathered rainwater.

Modern day mikvahs are equipped with filtration and purification systems. They are chlorinated and kept at a comfortable warm temperature, and are always connected to the Mayim Chayim.

Mural by Sharon & Mina Shafer

Sanctified love

A Jewish marriage is a sacred institution, and the love between a husband and wife is a pure and sanctified love. The laws of mikvah create the holiness of the marital relationship. For thousands of years, Jewish marriages have been strengthened through the sanctity and holiness inherent in mikvah. To keep this mitzvah, a husband and wife must refrain from intimate contact while the woman is menstruating, and for seven days thereafter. At the end of this time, she immerses in the mikvah and returns to her husband as his bride.

The mitzvot of family purity (mikvah) reveal Judaism’s view that the intimate relationship between a husband and wife is sacred, and essential to marital harmony. By observing these laws, a couple can become passionate lovers as well as best friends.

When a woman immerses in the mikvah, she links herself to an ongoing tradition that has spanned generations, and connects herself to Jewish women around the world and throughout history. She also brings herself in immediate contact with the source of life, purity and holiness – with G‑d.

A woman who has reached menopause need only immerse one more time to achieve this level of holiness and purity in her intimate life.

Women and the Mikvah

Women have been entrusted with three unique mitzvot – lighting the Shabbat Candles, separating challah and keeping the laws of mikvah. There is nothing as deeply spiritual for the Jewish woman as the mikvah. As sacred as the Shul may be, the mikvah is almost always the most meaningful spiritual experience in the life of a Jewish woman. As one woman put it, “Sometimes I feel my femininity, and sometimes I feel my Jewishness. It wasn’t until immersing in the waters of the mikvah that I felt both simultaneously. For the first time in my life I was a Jewish woman.”

At the time of immersion, a woman connects to G‑d at the highest level. It is an auspicious time for her to pray for all her desires and the needs of her family.

The Mikvah at Chabad Malvern

The Mikvah at Chabad Malvern, the only Mikvah servicing the “other side of Dandenong Road”, combines practical beauty with innate spirituality allowing for an experience that is relaxing, private, rejuvenating and uplifting. It is an exclusive Mikvah for women only and is available by appointment only. Women can only immerse in the Mikvah at nightfall. Classes and instruction will be available for those unfamiliar with the meaningful rituals surrounding the mikvah.

Cost: $25.00 Brides: $36.00

To book an appointment or for more information, please call Rivkah on 0419 707 706 or (03) 9822 4985 ext. 7
[email protected]

For a more comprehensive understanding of Mikvah and to see Mikvah's from around the world visit: www.mikvah.org