Shimshon and Rivkah, Reuvi and Menucha, family, friends and our wonderful Bat Mitzvah girls.

My name is Gina Samuels and Menucha kindly asked if I could speak on behalf of the parents of the Bat Mitzvah girls.

I have been lucky enough to be part of the Chabad Malvern community for over 30 years and have watched it grow from strength to strength.

We have celebrated our marriage, children’s births, chagim and other simchas here and now we have had the pleasure to watch Molly and the girls complete their Bat Mitzvah program.

This cohort of girls represent a number of different schools and have evolved into a beautiful Bat Mitzvah group celebrating this very important milestone together.


On behalf of the Bat Mitzvah families –

Aladjem, Alter, Bugalski, Davis, Hunter, Kanevsky, Kramer, Lewis, Lewis, Lyons, Mandie, Nussbaum, Samuels, Voskoboynik and Zoltak we feel very lucky to be able to celebrate this program.

The past two years have proven to be very difficult for the Bar and Bat Mitvah kids and we feel so blessed to that our children have been able to take part in it and actually be here, in person, in shule and without masks on.

So ladies… At the moment it’s all about Tik Tok, Snap Chat, Lululemon, Nike dunks and Dua Lipa

All that stuff will come and go. I promise you, it really will.

Just think… two minutes ago it was Tie dyed clothes and Mr Winston and you have already moved on.

So my message to you is…


This is a very special moment.

Stop for one second and take a photo in your mind.

Look at all your parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters smiling at you now.

This is everything

This is happiness

This is one of the best parts of life!

We hope you have learned some meaningful and valuable lessons from the program and use it in life. Some of the things Menucha taught you will pop up at different stages and you will remember the lessons learnt.


You are all incredible young ladies and have your own special gifts.

Remember that, celebrate it and always honour it.

Be kind to the people around you, be kind to your family and most importantly be kind to yourself.

They say that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

So as you navigate life this is a great lesson to keep in mind.

And now to Menucha…

The girls have had the most wonderful year learning with you, and they will remember many things from their time with you.

Thank you to you and the extended Chabad team for taking our girls on this incredible journey.

The curriculum was inspiring and rich with deep meaning and you made it easy for them to digest and interpret in their own way.

But let’s face it.. it’s all about the enthusiasm and gusto that you deliver it in. There’s only one Menucha!

And finally to the girls

It has been a big year and you have all done so well navigating your Bat Mitzvah learning, the endless parties and the journey of growing into Bat Mitzvah girls and this new milestone of life.

On behalf of all the parents and Harry and I, we bless you and wish you all the good things you dream for and that you enjoy your life to the fullest.

May your adult lives be full of wonder and adventure and most importantly kindness.


Thank you