Vision: Engage Jewish teens in the community and build their capacity to play a leadership role.

Target Market: Jewish teenagers (years 9-10) attending private/public Jewish/non-Jewish schools.

We understand that Teens need a sense of purpose and belonging to something meaningful; they like to socialise and they are thirsty for a challenge.

Therefore JewTank was created to empower teens with:

(1) Inspire teens to initiate a venture that aims to improve teens involvement within the community

(2) Compete for funds to actualize the venture happen

(3) Connect through ongoing support and leadership skills to enable the venture to succeed into the future.

Structure of Program:

Retreat 23-25 September

1. Getting to know ourselves,those around us and our surroundings.

2. Understanding our community, and the needs of teens within it.

3. Brainstorm ideas to better the wider teenage community.

4. Design project around the most effective ideas

5. Pitch the final plans to our generous funders who eagerly awaiting to hear what the youth have to offer


Post retreat

6. Collaborate with teens and professionals in a creative space to fine tune action plans

7. Make it happen!!


reuvi face.jpg

Reuvi Cooper

Born & raised in Melbourne, Reuvi has been working with teens out of Chabad Malvern for the last 12 years. He enjoys playing squash and other sports, loves to be busy and has endless energy to teach and inspire others.


Aharon Adelist

Aharon has been involved in inspiring the Youth of the wider community through his work at Spiritgrow. A Launchpad participant Aharon encourages others to think out of the box and push their personal boundaries.