Pregnancy is a time of excitement and anticipation. At Chabad Malvern we love to support our pregnant mums help care for, protect and nurture the precious Jewish soul they are bringing into this world.

We provide them with a Shir Hamaalot protection card and prayer which is kept by the mother during the pregnancy, taken into delivery and then put in the baby’s cot as a protection.

We also bake challah with the pregnant mums as it is a special blessing for an easy birth and a special time for prayer. We also host challah baking and charity cook offs in our Giving Kitchen for those who want to do something special and giving with their friends and family in honour of the upcoming birth.

Going to the Mikvah is one of the three specific Mitzvot that were given to Jewish women and is a deep and spiritual blessing for one’s children and family and an extra auspicious time to pray for all our hearts desires, and we encourage women during their pregnancy to take the Mikvah plunge if they have not done so right before falling pregnant. 

Please Contact Rivkah at [email protected] or on 0419 707 706 for more information.

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