Bat Mitzvah Class Survey
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1. How would you rate Bat Mitzvah class on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest)?

2. Do you think the topics covered were relevant? (yes, sometimes, not really)

3. Is there something which you feel the program is lacking?

4. Do you feel that the communication between the Parents & Teachers about the classes & program were adequate?

5. Do you think the fee structure of the classes, shabbaton and ceremony are fair (please explain)?

6. If the cost per person for the ceremony was cheaper would you invite more people?

7. Please rate on a scale of 1-10 the importance of these things that make up the ceremony(10 being the most important) ?
Rabbi's Speech

Mother's Speech

Batmi Girl Speeches

Candle Lighting

Siddur/Certificate Presentation

Video presentation


Live music / klezmer trio

8. What was the highlight of the ceremony and ceremony general comments?

9. The girls have asked to continue to meet each other next year, we are therefore starting a post bat mitzvah program together with some meaningful volunteering, how often could your daughter participate in these get togethers? (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)

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