A Speech Given At Chabad Hebrew School Ceremony 2013.

Hi my name is James silver and I am in year 5 at Malvern Central School.  I’ve enjoyed coming to Hebrew School because:

Completing each level of Hebrew reading is fun as you know you have finished a certain level of reading and are now ready to tackle something harder on the next level.

When I walk through the door straight away there is lots of food and drink so I won’t be hungry when I start the lesson.  We learn different things by the fun activities and playing games.

Davening - tefillah is lots of fun and I’ve learnt many new tunes and songs to add to my inventory of songs from my old school Mount Scopus.

The weekly parashah - torah portion is really cool and I learnt a lot about Yitzhak our forefather which is my name (although his surname wasn’t silver). His name which means laughter because when the angel told Sarah (his mother) that she was going to have a baby at such an old age, she laughed. He was also the first boy to be circumcised at 8 days old. His father was Avraham who was the first Jew.

The kosher booklet we used is also very useful and identifies what is kosher and non-kosher to eat. It has circles with lots of colours to show us the difference between meat and milk which we are not allowed to mix. I learnt that Turkey is kosher and I thought that was cool to learn as I never knew it! We also learnt fish must have scales and fins to be kosher.

Thanks to Reuvi, Chayale, Shula, Chana and all the teachers here at Chabad that taught me and the other children things that we wouldn’t have known and in a fun way.

Thank you for listening.