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PAYMENT INFORMATION: Bookings close 23rd June or if places filled prior.  Price $100 a day (including catered lunch & snacks) minus eligible CCS rebate.  Cancellations after 23rd June will still be charged full fees.
EXTREME Program $120 a day 
(including catered lunch & snacks) minus eligible CCS rebate



Our Excursions during vacation care are for children to develop an understanding of belonging to groups and communities and to learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect.
For the Older program only:
Transportation Details (to and from): The most convenient and safest route as determined by the bus driver at the time. All children will be on bus equipped with seatbelts. Staff to child ratio: Will be a minimum of 1:15 The Period the Child will be Away from the Service Premises will be for approx. 3 - 4 hours. Leaving 10:30am returning  2:30pm. Please note the maximum number of expected children is 44. Our Diploma Qualified Educators are Menucha Cooper, Reuvi Cooper, Lilly Joyce & Nicolle Aldana.
Authority for my Child in Older Program to Attend the Excursion:
By signing the Authorisation Form, I agree to and understand the following -
  • If my child/ren is enrolled in the older program. My child has my permission to attend the excursion that is listed above and that I have checked. 
  • I am listed on the child's Enrolment Form as a Parent or Authorised Nominee.
  • I have read all of the details provided by the service and understand that I can access the Excursion Risk Assessment at the service and on the OWNA App.
  • I have spoken with my child about his/her safety responsibilities and will ensure they are dressed appropriately and have packed all required items to attend the excursion.   In the event of an injury or emergency, I acknowledge that the excursion co-ordinator will attempt to contact me. In an emergency, I authorise the Service to obtain all necessary medical assistance, including ambulance transport, medication and hospital admission. 
  • The contact details, including all emergency contact details, listed on my child's Enrolment Form are up-to-date.
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