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Photo of the Week


Chabad Malvern hosts the NCJW (Vic) Golden Age Club for a pre Rosh Hashanah hot lunch, social get together and musical performance.
Delicious food was prepared for the event in Chabad Malvern's Giving Kitchen.

Click here to see more pictures.


Our Creche children getting a hands on lesson from Reuvi about the Shofar in our Rosh Hashanah expo.

Celebrate Sukkot at Luna Park

no bleed.jpg 

Tickets available from our creche &  youth office $18 each. 

One Day Holiday Program

Thursday October 1st
Sukkot at latitude: Bounce, climb, fly.
Prep - grade 6
Registration coming soon.


Upcoming Classes

TS Holiday Lessons (1).jpg

Please note day change from Mondays to Thursday.

Yom Kippur Class
The Art of Forgiveness.
Thursday, September 17.  8:00pm-9:00pm 

Sukkot Class
In Search for the Authentic Etrog 
Thursday, September 24.  8:00pm-9:00pm

Shabbat project in Chabad Malvern

Chabad of Malvern.jpg

Pre Shabbat Project charity cook-off in Chabad Malvern's Giving Kitchen.
Sunday, 18 October. 7:00pm
$18 per person
Book Here: 

The Taste, Knowledge and Experience.

Dynamic, fun, tasty, educational and personal sessions leading up to The Shabbos Project 2015
Book Here:

Wishing Long Life to those that have Yahrzeit this week

To David Marlow on the Yahrzeit of his mother, Ilse Bella Marlow, 29 Elul, Sunday, 13 September 2015.

To Ari Lederman on the Yahrzeit of his father, Arnold Lederman, 4 Tishrei, Thursday, 17 September 2015.

To Garry Sturgess on the anniversary of the passing of his mother, Brenda Aldred, 4 Tishrei, Thursday, 17 September 2015.

To Gloria Malinek  on the Yahrzeit of her Husband, and to Mandy Nowoweiski & Debra Mitchell on the Yahrzeit of their Father, Paul Jacob Malinek, 4 Tishrei, Thursday, 17 September 2015.

To Dina Webb on the Yahrzeit of her daughter, Lillian Webb, 5 Tishrei, Friday, 18 September 2015.

To Marvin Fayman on the Yahrzeit of his step father, Sam Itzkowitz, 5 Tishrei, Friday, 18 September 2015.

Jewish Birthdays this Week

Gabriella Mendel 12-Sep-15 28 Elul
Ilana Kabaker 12-Sep-15 28 Elul
Jessica Rabinov 12-Sep-15 28 Elul
Daniel Judd 12-Sep-15 28 Elul
Hadar Barsheshet 12-Sep-15 28 Elul
Ron Fuchs 12-Sep-15 28 Elul
Yasmin Rosen 12-Sep-15 28 Elul
Allegra Sara Weeden 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Ashley Podlubny 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Benjamin Fajnkind 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Charlie Jack Davis 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Rodney Teperman 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Jack Victor Ephi Siegel 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Kaiya Skurnik 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Mia Korman-Inbal 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Adam Zuchowski 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Ronnie Lewis 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Johanna Fetter 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Sivan Barsheshet 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Stacey Mendel 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Tali Rembach 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Zac Chester 13-Sep-15 29 Elul
Amir Lefkovic 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Ari David Shipman 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Aurelio Orsillo 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Harry Nathan Ivor Hendel 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Jonathan Shagan 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Louis Edwards 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Ron Lazarovits 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Naomi Green 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Yael Raz 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Nathan Vainer 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Samantha Worth 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Shir Rogers 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Tracey Cohen 14-Sep-15 1 Tishrei
Candice Sandor 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Jo-Ann Slabe 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
David Davidson 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Morris Davidson 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Shlomo Cohen 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Joanne Tadmore 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Lisa Kirschner 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Margo Sacks 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Marnie Kalinski 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Sharon Marlow 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Noah Burrows 15-Sep-15 2 Tishrei
Angus Somerville 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Asia Carp 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Emily Rubinstein 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Jessica Irons 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Quentin Miller 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Janine Feldman 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Nicole Antman 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Regina Levine 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Nathan Sweet 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Noah Abelman 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Ravid Bar Gad 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Sienna Klooger 16-Sep-15 3 Tishrei
Daniel Dukes 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Dror Liraz 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Elissa Ciddor 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Jacob David Katz 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Ricky Smorgon 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Theo Waisberg 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Debbie Kotzman 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Sally Benge 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Poppy Bensimon 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Rebecca Super 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Remy Lissek 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Toby Arndt 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Yaniv Cohen 17-Sep-15 4 Tishrei
Maya Isabelle Geller 18-Sep-15 5 Tishrei
Milla Sheezel 18-Sep-15 5 Tishrei
Michael Gelb 18-Sep-15 5 Tishrei
Paula Zalcberg 18-Sep-15 5 Tishrei
Rikki Meiri 18-Sep-15 5 Tishrei
Ralph Harrison Ford 18-Sep-15 5 Tishrei
Timnah Poratt 18-Sep-15 5 Tishrei
Zac Aaron Sokolski 18-Sep-15 5 Tishrei
Zac Balter 18-Sep-15 5 Tishrei
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Your Questions
Why All the Symbolic Rosh Hashanah Foods?
Why are we rational Jews doing something that seems superstitious?
Rosh Hashanah Toolkit
The Rosh Hashanah 2015 Calendar
A practical holiday calendar which will lead you through every day of the holiday’s mitzvot, rituals and customs. Print it out for handy reference during Rosh Hashanah . . .
Rosh Hashanah Reading
Rosh Hashanah Unwrapped
It comes gift-wrapped from heaven with ribbons, strings and knots. And with each unraveling comes another discovery, and with each discovery a deeper wisdom.
Heralding Hakhel: the Year of Unity
Blast Your Jewish Trumpet
The kohanim (priests) would station themselves in all the public areas of Jerusalem and blow golden trumpets.
The Jewish Calendar
  Thursday Elul 26 | September 10
SelichotLaws and Customs
Elul ObservancesLaws and Customs
  Friday Elul 27 | September 11
Passing of Belzer Rebbe (1855)Today in Jewish History
SelichotLaws and Customs
Elul ObservancesLaws and Customs
  Shabbat Elul 28 | September 12
Ethics: Chapters 5 & 6Laws and Customs
Elul ObservancesLaws and Customs
  Sunday Elul 29 | September 13
Erev Rosh Hashanah
Tzemach Tzeddek Born (1789)Today in Jewish History
SelichotLaws and Customs
Omit Tachnun Laws and Customs
No Shofar TodayLaws and Customs
Annulment of VowsLaws and Customs
Visiting the CemeteryLaws and Customs
Rosh Hashanah Begins TonightLaws and Customs
Elul ObservancesLaws and Customs
  Monday Tishrei 1 | September 14
Rosh Hashanah
Adam & Eve (3760 BCE)Today in Jewish History
1st Sin & Repentance (3760 BCE)Today in Jewish History
Dove's 3rd Mission (2105 BCE)Today in Jewish History
Binding of Isaac; Sarah's Passing (1677 BCE)Today in Jewish History
Baal Shem Tov's Vision of Moshiach (1746)Today in Jewish History
Daf Yomi (1923)Today in Jewish History
"Good Year"Laws and Customs
Apple & HoneyLaws and Customs
ShofarLaws and Customs
TashlichLaws and Customs
Torah ReadingLaws and Customs
LinksLaws and Customs
Ten Days of RepentanceLaws and Customs
  Tuesday Tishrei 2 | September 15
Rosh Hashanah
Shehecheyanu (New Fruit)Laws and Customs
ShofarLaws and Customs
Torah ReadingLaws and Customs
Ten Days of RepentanceLaws and Customs
  Wednesday Tishrei 3 | September 16
Fast of Gedaliah
Assassination of Gedaliah (423 BCE)Today in Jewish History
Passing of Rebbetzin Devorah Leah (1792)Today in Jewish History
Fast of GedaliahLaws and Customs
Ten Days of RepentanceLaws and Customs
  Thursday Tishrei 4 | September 17
Ten Days of RepentanceLaws and Customs
  Friday Tishrei 5 | September 18
Rabbi Akiva martyred (134)Today in Jewish History
Birth of NaftaliToday in Jewish History
Ten Days of RepentanceLaws and Customs
  Shabbat Tishrei 6 | September 19
Rebbetzin Chana (1964)Today in Jewish History
Shabbat ShuvahLaws and Customs
Ten Days of RepentanceLaws and Customs
The Parshah In A Nutshell

Parshat Nitzavim

The Parshah of Nitzavim includes some of the most fundamental principles of the Jewish faith:

The unity of Israel: “You stand today, all of you, before the L‑rd your G‑d: your heads, your tribes, your elders, your officers, and every Israelite man; your young ones, your wives, the stranger in your gate; from your wood-hewer to your water-drawer.”

The future redemption: Moses warns of the exile and desolation of the Land that will result if Israel abandons G‑d’s laws, but then he prophesies that in the end, “You will return to the L‑rd your G‑d . . . If your outcasts shall be at the ends of the heavens, from there will the L‑rd your G‑d gather you . . . and bring you into the Land which your fathers have possessed.”

The practicality of Torah: “For the mitzvah which I command you this day, it is not beyond you, nor is it remote from you. It is not in heaven . . . It is not across the sea . . . Rather, it is very close to you, in your mouth, in your heart, that you may do it.”

Freedom of choice: “I have set before you life and goodness, and death and evil: in that I command you this day to love G‑d, to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments . . . Life and death I have set before you, blessing and curse. And you shall choose life.”

Candle Lighting Times for
Melbourne, Victoria Australia:
Shabbat Candle Lighting:
Friday, Sep 11
5:49 pm
Shabbat Ends:
Shabbat, Sep 12
6:46 pm
Holiday Begins:
Sunday, Sep 13
5:50 pm
Second Day Holiday:
Monday, Sep 14
6:48 pm
Holiday Ends:
Tuesday, Sep 15
6:49 pm
Torah Portion: Nitzavim

Both the [Second] Tablets and the broken Tablets, were placed in the Ark
— Talmud, Bava Batra 14b


  • Sunday: Shacharis 8:30am
  • Monday & Thursday:Shacharit 6:45am
  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday:Shacharit 7:00am
  • Ma'ariv: Sunday - Thursday at 7:45pm
  • Friday Night: Mincha 10 Minutes after Candlelighting
    Kabalat Shabbat: 6:00pm
  • Shabbat & Yom Tov:Shacharit 10:00am
    Mincha 1hr 10min before the end of Shabbos
    followed by Maariv.
  • Rosh Chodesh: Shacharis 6:40am (weekdays)

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