High Holidays at Chabad Malvern - Chabad House Malvern
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High Holidays at Chabad Malvern

This year the High Holidays will look different around the globe.

Use this site to keep up to date with the latest updates from Chabad Malvern on Shul Services, Programs, Resources and more!

Chabad Malvern is a Shul with soul and warmth. Each year we strive to create a service that is uplifting, meaningful, inspirational and welcoming to anyone who walks through our open doors.

This has been a year like no other, and it’s still not over. 

Chabad Malvern have been working tirelessly to make plans for any scenario that will be allowed on Yom Tov. From small Minyanim, to public Shofar blowings and alternate Shul Services to suit every age, our guarantee is that we will make sure to do the most we can to make these High Holidays meaningful for you, DHHS permitting. 

We will update this site continuously as decisions are made in the lead up to the High Holidays so please make sure to check this site for any new information.

None of us know what Yom Tov will look like, but we know that as long as our community is together, whether physically or spiritually we will make this Yom Tov meaningful. We are here for you in every way.

Shul Services
Blowing a Shofar at Home
Borrow a set of Machzorim
Our Community Unites for Rosh Hashana
More High Holiday Events
Shul Seats
We know this year will not be the same as previous years however, the income generated from Shul Seats makes up a large portion of our annual budget.