Be A Star

Monday, 19 November, 2018 - 8:26 pm

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Even when we make a genuine effort to associate with people who face life optimistically and to spend more time in uplifting environments, it’s still not always possible to escape undesirable surroundings. This could be the atmosphere of your workplace or a toxic family member. And to change one’s employment or disavow a family member is neither practical nor menschlich. 

While we are shaped by our environment, we also have the ability to be proactive and to influence others. We can choose to be givers rather than receivers and when we focus on turning outwards and positively influencing and inspiring others, we don’t absorb negativity from the atmosphere around us.

65. Be a Star.jpgWhen we are in the company of family and friends we should not be afraid to let our voices be heard and to be proactive about our values. This does not mean one should be confrontational or condescending. Rather, we should share what we believe is beneficial, healthy and worthy, in a spirit of genuine love. By busying ourselves spreading positivity and helping others, chances are we simply won’t have time to get dragged down by any negativity in our environment.

In Genesis, to illustrate the sheer multitude of Abraham’s prospective descendants, G-d compares them to the stars of the sky. But the lesson from the stars is not only their quantity. The specific utilisation and the quality of the stars teaches us an important lesson: the stars were the original GPS system. By their light, even one walking in the darkness of the desert or travelling the vast ocean does not blunder.   So too the descendants of Abraham are like stars, possessing enough moral and spiritual light to influence others.

We all have people in our lives who could be, inspired, or moved in the right direction, and it is our unique message and delivery that can help.

Go ahead. Be the star G-d spoke of so many years ago! 

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