Life is like a Perfume Shop

Tuesday, 23 October, 2018 - 8:51 pm

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It’s a mistake to think that adults are immune to peer pressure.   Confident and resilient though they may be, adults are nonetheless impressionable. 

Human beings are social creatures. Our friends, community and society in general influence our perspectives, values, ethics and choices.

The impact that our surroundings have on us is not always obvious. Often it’s a subtle, more subconscious effect that changes one’s feelings, sensitivities or aspirations. The Midrash provides us with a wonderful analogy. One who walks into a perfume shop leaves there smelling good, even if she or he doesn’t actually dab the perfume directly on themselves.  

This analogy holds true with the people with whom we associate. We take with us their ways of conduct and approach to living.

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Want to develop your sensitivity? Spend more time with compassionate people.

Thirsting for more spirituality? Surround yourself with people who are more spiritually inclined.

Want to develop a more positive attitude toward yourself and the world around you? Socialise with people who face life in an optimistic manner.

We all need to invest our time in environments that are uplifting. A physically and spiritually healthy social circle will generate and enhance constructive and healthy living.  

Comments on: Life is like a Perfume Shop

Lee wrote...

I am fascinated by your comment Re Life is like a Perfume Shop
I have given this a great deal of thought ! I think you make it sound so simple yet after being 26 divorced and having reinvent myself on so many levels While l am aware that have
come through this marriage and divorce with numerous side effects that is to say l am now a more comfortable with in myself and find socialising difficult most of the time .
I have made very few sincere friends with mutual interests and don't go out that often .
My best friend made it obvious that she wanted to be more loyal to him than me Even though she witnessed how he put be down and didn't hide his indifference and abusive emotional and verbal abuse .
My children have married and while it has taken many years of me nurturing and developing a healthier relationship l never become complacent how to over come the difficulties l had to overcome and nurture mutual respect and love between myself and my children and their families .
I have to say l working very hard at this and do volunteering in various capacities and working developing myself as an Artist .l work twice a month in a Nursing Home which is very demanding and gratifying .
I would very much like to have a more supportive caring sincere relationships .
It's not so simple to forge Healthy Supportive relationships as an older person .
I don't drive due to my vision issues which has its own set of problems and obstacles .
Overall l believe l have a positive attuide to life and hope to be able to have more like minded people to grow older with .
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my views and opinions .
I would like to have your feedback to my response to your statement ?


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pinrjzhtq wrote...

Спасибо за пост

pinqmlkso wrote...

спасибо интересное чтиво