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My Every Need

Wednesday, 17 January, 2018 - 12:59 am

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The Jewish morning prayer (Shacharit) begins with several preliminary prayers and blessings to thank G-d for providing us with our daily needs and for performing everyday miracles.  These prayers are meant to be said at home before one goes to synagogue.  The objective of these blessings are to notice G-d’s favours in the repetitive rhythms of life and to appreciate His wonderful gifts to us. In these blessings, nothing is taken for granted, but as granted.

One of the blessings states: “Blessed are You, …O G-d…who has provided me my every need”.

A story is told of a righteous Jew who, despite living in utter poverty, was always naturally happy.  When asked how he was able to maintain such a positive attitude in the face of such trying circumstances, he responded that each day he prayed to G-d to provide all his needs.  “If I am poor than one of my needs is poverty.  Why should I be unhappy if I have whatever I need?”

It’s not possible for many of us to achieve this intense level of trust.  Still we can work to develop in our personal lives a more sincere trust in G-d. 

Children prefer lollies, but we would rather give them healthy and nourishing foods.   Children cry from injections, but we still immunise them because we know what is good for them.

Sincere trust in G-d means realising that G-d knows our needs better than even we do.  Even some very unpleasant experiences are actually for our good.

A practical take away:  try to handle adversity with less anger and resentment by contemplating that G-d is compassion and he gives me that which he knows, far better than I, what I truly need.

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