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Covid-19 Personal Experiences of Growth 2

 2. Travel is exciting. Home and family life is inspiring, a sacred space that has no replacements.


A house is pragmatic, a place where we can store our possessions and experience shelter and protection. A home on the other hand is where we experience a true sense self, comfort, belonging and emotional security.

The physical structure of a house has alternatives. But there are no replacements for the spiritual and emotional stability a home provides. At home we are free to express our innermost selves without any masks, inhibitions, or defenses. From a Jewish perspective, a home is a sacred space for it shapes our attitudes and self-esteem and it determines our life decisions.   In Judaism the HOME is everything.

The key component to a healthy home is Shalom Bayit – peace (harmony) in the home.

What is peace?


The absence of opposition is not peace. Peace requires opposites. But the goal is that after the initial conflict both parties learn to coexist. Unity that is generated from diversity is true unity and peace.

Peace in the home is not a quiet home where all have to agree and share the exact same standards and outlooks. Peace in the home is found specifically within the life, diversity and differing personalities that inhabit the home.

More than love, peace requires respect. Respect enables us to take a step back and give others the space they need to operate independently, to make their own decisions and walk their own path. For example, respecting another’s opinion even if we don’t agree with it.   In fact, disagreement is an actual expression of respect, for when there is true respect between one another, there must also be true honesty between one another. Respect is appreciating another’s unique personality and character traits that sets them apart from you.

Love is something we fall into. Respect is something we climb into.

Yes we must try to identify with others and always look for what unites us. But we cannot allow that to blind the distinctions between us. We spend so much time and energy searching for the unifying factors between us that we forget to truly celebrate difference

The letter Bet which corresponds to the number 2 is spelled out in Hebrew with the same letters that create the word Bayit - Hebrew for home. The letter Bet introduces and represents dualism. True peace in a home is achieved once we appreciate, respect and celebrate the duality within it.

Covid-19 Personal Experiences of Growth 1

1. Our Jobs keep us busy. Living with purpose makes us productive.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the challenging and daunting task of “finding your purpose”?

Where do I fit into this grandiose picture? What is my purpose? How do I know when I’m achieving it? And when, and if I do achieve it, what comes next?

I believe these challenges come about because we envision purpose as some kind of monumental achievement, or an extraordinary calling, as opposed to a consistent day to day process.


Therefore, instead of trying to find your purpose, which is something that may remain forever elusive, endeavor to live purposefully. Living purposely can begin in the here and now, this very second, and can be implemented into our daily routines. 

Our internal qualities such as personality, convictions, interests and even weaknesses and vices, once disciplined and channeled, are all part of our distinctive purpose. Each person is unique, indispensable, and granted with special qualities to fulfil their purpose. Self-discovery is the first step to knowing how to be purposeful.

Think about your own unique qualities. Think about the various talents you were blessed with. Now, think of how these qualities and talents can be used to bring meaning to your surroundings.

Also, our opportunities, social and family circles, places we visit and the various experiences that come our way give us our chance to be purposeful.

Consider your opportunities i.e. your education, financial resources, position of influence etc. 

Consider the people in your life. People have strengths and weaknesses. Who can you help through troubled times? Who can you learn from?

Finally, the journey of life at times takes us to unexpected places. We become frustrated with detours and delays because we have an agenda and expectations. But in truth, wherever we are, whether it’s a place we would like to be or not, we are there for a purpose: to do an act of kindness or to learn something new. Our focus should shift to what that purpose might be.

The accumulative energy of these factors – personal strengths, life’s opportunities, our sphere of influence and the geographical places we find ourselves in, carry the secret to our purpose in life.


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