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Life is like a Perfume Shop

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It’s a mistake to think that adults are immune to peer pressure.   Confident and resilient though they may be, adults are nonetheless impressionable. 

Human beings are social creatures. Our friends, community and society in general influence our perspectives, values, ethics and choices.

The impact that our surroundings have on us is not always obvious. Often it’s a subtle, more subconscious effect that changes one’s feelings, sensitivities or aspirations. The Midrash provides us with a wonderful analogy. One who walks into a perfume shop leaves there smelling good, even if she or he doesn’t actually dab the perfume directly on themselves.  

This analogy holds true with the people with whom we associate. We take with us their ways of conduct and approach to living.

I can't say I dowithout you!.jpg 

Want to develop your sensitivity? Spend more time with compassionate people.

Thirsting for more spirituality? Surround yourself with people who are more spiritually inclined.

Want to develop a more positive attitude toward yourself and the world around you? Socialise with people who face life in an optimistic manner.

We all need to invest our time in environments that are uplifting. A physically and spiritually healthy social circle will generate and enhance constructive and healthy living.  

Letting Go

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There are certain things in life we can only see with eyes closed. There are certain things in life we can only grasp by letting them go.

How often in life have we been stuck on a certain project and only when we stopped obsessing and let go did the creativity begin to flow again.

In life our journey is best traveled lightly. Letting go of past hurt is integral to our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Holding onto resentments is like setting yourself on fire and expecting the other person will die of smoke inhalation.

It’s not easy to let go of resentments, but it is within the capacity of what human beings are capable of.

Many people are told by family and friends, “let go and you will feel better”.

But in truth, letting go of resentments is not just about feeling better.

There is much more one can do to feel better, for example, visiting a spa or going on vacation. However letting go is about getting rid of whatever stops us from living our true lives. Grudges and resentments too often dictate the way we live and therefore stop us from being true to ourselves and to our purpose in life.

Letting go is not unloading; it is reloading and reclaiming our lives.

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Course of action:

When I carry resentments, I am allowing the tyranny of people, places and things to direct the story of my life. I am therefore attributing uniquely G-d like power to them and I am in fact idolizing my resentments.

We need to decide who occupies the space of our mind. When we focus on ourselves, our journey in life and the people we are meant to be of service to, we become less consumed by resentments and more empowered by our dignity. 

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