Hi my name is Mattie. I am 26 years old.

 I want to tell you about me, people and shul. Here we go!

 Bialik College was my school right up to year 12.

My school friends came to my barmitzvah at Chabad Malvern

Rabbi Shimshon included me. He let me have my barmitzvah on a Thursday so I could use my talking machine. I worked so hard that I could do it without my machine . Everybody said I was amazing!

Every Friday night I love Shabbat dinner with my family.

At school, my teacher, Harry Gluck got to know me so he could teach me how to do Shabbat. I say all the brachot on Shabbat.

 I am proud to be Jewish. Shul is important to me.

At shul I see people I know from school, from shul, from basketball, from swimming. Just like you, I feel good when people talk to me at shul.

 It takes time to get to know me. I am cool. I work 3 days a week and volunteer at Formula 1. I like Formula 1, Moto GP, V8Supa cars, movies, music, food and more.

 I am calm when I know what is happening.

My Dad helps me understand what is happening in shul.

Dad helps me watch Rabbi Shimshon.

Rabbi Shimshon knows the rules.

When Rabbi Shimshon talks the rule is to be quiet. I try very hard to be quiet.

 What do you think? Does everyone follow that rule?

 I need friends to know me better so they can support me when Dad is not there.

 Shul is our community. I like to be a good person and help our community. I love doing deliveries to Velly for the Giving Kitchen. I love to cook and have dinner parties. It’s fun and everyone is happy.

More people need to take the time to know and understand me. I am a good friend.

 We should hang out more and do more together for our community

Thank you.