Excursion Permission Form: Kosher Hunt 2023

Dear Families,

As part of our study into Kosher, we will be going on a Kosher hunt down Glenferrie Rd. We will be stopping at Glicks, Continental Butchers and finishing off at Coles Supermarket - Malvern.  

Drop off will be as normal at Chabad but pick up will be at 5:30pm from: Coles Malvern Car Park - 164-178 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern VIC 3144



Our service has organised an excursion for your child to attend. All of the relevant details are provided for your convenience. The service has conducted an Excursion Risk Assessment which is available for your review up request. For your child to attend, you are required to complete the Authority for Excursion Form. To complete this form, you must be listed on the child's enrolment record as either their parent of an Authorised Nominee.

Time and Date of Proposed Excursion:

Thursday 8 June 4::30pm - 5:30pm

Cost: N/A

Reason for Excursion: To enhance the study of Kosher

Destination: Coles, Continental Butchers, Glicks - Malvern

Transportation Details (to and from): Walking.

The period the child will be away from the Service Premise: Approximately 60 mins

Number of adults involved and the anticipated ratio of adults to children: 2 Staff Member

Number of children involved: 

Proposed Activities: Scavenger hunt in the shops

Items to be taken by the child and provided by the parents: Weather appropriate clothing and, if needed, medication.

Authority for my child to attend the excursion

Child's Full Name:

Person completing this form:

Relationship to child:


By signing the Authorisation for Excursion Form, I agree to and understand the following:

  • My child has my permission to attend the excursion listed. If the excursion is a regular outing, my child has permission to attend for 12 months after the date listed below.

  • I am listed on the child's Enrolment Form as a parent or Authorised Nominee.

  • I have read all of the details provided by the service and understand that I can access the Excursion Risk Assessment at the service.

  • The contact details, including all emergency contact details, listed on my child's Enrolment Form are up to date. If not, I have provided the updated contact details above.

I agree to and understand the above.


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