Parents need to provide a fresh fruit (uncut/unpeeled), when their children come, to encourage a sense of sharing. Lunches and snacks will be provided, please list all allergies to foods, additive or colorants etc. on your child’s enrolment form.

A weekly menu is displayed on the Parent Communication Board in the playground, which is changed on a weekly basis. We invite any suggestions and nutritional recipes to keep our menu exciting healthy and valuable.

Our 3 week menu can be viewed here



This policy has been developed as practical reference guide to promote a consistent approach to kosher food laws. This is in reference to the types of food and drinks consumed, preparation and cooking of food and the serving and eating of these foods in the centre. The Recommended Daily Intake is followed for children in our centre.

This applies to all employees and families, as well as all visitors who use the centre’s services and facilities.

1.       To protect the health and safety of all employees, families and visitors who may consume food and drink on the premises.

2.      To ensure that all that use the centre are exposed to kosher foods and drinks, in compliance with the laws of Kashrut.

3.      To maintain our high standard of Kashrut, all foods and drinks must be in original sealed packages and approved by either the Jewish Enrichment Coordinator, Fhef or Coordinator. These laws are clearly stated in the current Melbourne Kosher foods bulletin booklet (for use in Melbourne) which is used as a guideline.

4.      Fresh fruit may be brought into the centre; however, it must not be cut or peeled in any way.

5.      Requirements in relation to the daily food requirements for children under five years of age are included in our weekly menu.  The menu more than adequately provides the quantity and qualities of all the five main food groups, utilizing nutritious kosher food.

6.      Parents and staff are invited to have input into the weekly menu, which is displayed in the foyer.

7.      Bottles brought from home may be warmed up in our microwave – but must be covered with a plastic bag.

8.      Children should not come to crèche with any food, due to Kosher Laws and allergies. 

If they are hungry during the early shift, sandwiches are provided.

9.      We request that no nut products be brought to creche, as we try to maintain a nut safe centre.