Children's sign in and out is completed using QK Kiosk on the iPads at reception. It is important that your child is signed in an out each day. All regular persons collecting or dropping off will have their own login (mobile number) and PIN and must be authorised on the child's enrolment form to collect.  

In the event of an emergency, such as fire, the attendance records are our primary source of who is in the building at any given time of the day.

We will assist you in setting up your log in during Orientation.

Additional Person Sign In or Out: 

Parents can assist the centre by providing the name, address and brief description of the person and an approximate time of collection prior to the arrival of the person who will be collecting the child. Parents should also advise the person collecting the child that they will be required to produce identification and sign the attendance book. No person under 16 years of age may collect a child from the centre. 



When you bring your child to the centre, please bring children into the play area and make sure that staff are aware of your child’s arrival.  Never leave a child alone in an area where staff may not be aware of your child’s presence. We would appreciate if you would pass on any information regarding your child to the staff member e.g. any issue at home or restless night etc. or write it in the communication book.

Children’s lockers are located inside each room where bags should be put away. Fruit for morning tea should be placed in the basket in the room.

•         Milk bottles, clearly labelled with your child’s name, are to be given to the educator to place in the fridge.

•         Please complete the appropriate medication instruction form located by the sign-in book.

Staff are available to pass on information about your child’s food or sleep requirements for the day verbally, or you can email this information to the educators in your room.



When collecting your child, please come into the child’s room or the play area and make sure staff are aware of your child’s departure and sign your child out at reception.

We like parents to come in and see what their child has been doing and talk to the staff about your child’s day.  Children are always eager to show you their days ‘work’.  Information charts in each room are also a record of your child’s day with information about what they have eaten, how long they slept and what activities they have tried throughout the day.  Parents also need to check children’s lockers regularly for arts and crafts, dirty clothing and bedding which we require you take home to wash weekly.

The person collecting the child should always note the time of departure and their signature in the attendance book.   The centre should always be notified if any one collecting the child is not the parent, guardian or someone who regularly collects the child. Anyone collecting a child other than the legal parent or guardian must have authorization from the parent to do so, either in written form, or a telephone call from the parent. A child will not be released to anyone that does not have a prior authority from the parent to collect the child. The person must be either listed on the enrolment form as permitted to collect a child, or the parent must telephone to notify the centre that someone else is collecting the child. These requirements also apply to staff who are asked to collect a child.

Legally, the centre cannot stop a parent from collecting a child unless there is a restraining order, custody order, or an intervention order from the Courts restricting or prohibiting them from doing so. The coordinator should be notified by parents if a Court Order exists and provide them with a copy of such for centre files. If parents are in the process of separating, the centre should be notified as to the nature of the separation (and the agreed temporary arrangements for child access, including who will be collecting the child).  The centre can then attempt to notify parent/s if collection of children is outside these arrangements and ensure that parents are aware of any behavioural or emotional reactions of the child observed at the centre.



Parents are required to collect their children and leave the centre by 6.00pm SHARP Monday to Thursday and by 4.00pm SHARP on Friday (NB:  3:45 pickup during winter months). Exceptional circumstances will be discussed.

Parents must ring and notify the centre if they anticipate they will be collecting their children after 6:00pm. Staff then know not to implement non collection procedures and can reassure the child that everything is all right. Children cope better if they have advanced warning that they may be collected late and staff overtime can be organized if required. Parents will be charged a late fee, according to the late fee policy. Policy states that a fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged to cover staff overtime payments.

The qualified staff member (or person in charge) remaining with the child will counter sign the time of departure in the attendance form and also note the client’s name, the time and date of the collection for the office. Staff will remain on the premises with the child up until 6:00pm. If a parent indicates that they will be unable to collect their child before 6:00pm, the parent must then make alternative collection arrangements and notify the centre, or non-collection procedure will be implemented.

If staff members are asked to collect a child, they must be authorized by a parent to do so. Late fees will be incurred unless staff notify the coordinator or delegate prior to 6:00pm that they are collecting the child. If parents have not contacted the centre that they will be late collecting a child, non-collection procedure will be implemented if staff are unable to contact parents or emergency contact persons.



The centre must provide procedures to be followed for the extremely rare case where a child has not been collected and the centre has not been notified by parents about a late collection.  The staff member nominated as “in charge” will be responsible for implementing non collection procedures. The following procedures were designed with the best interest of the child in mind. It is frightening for children and staff to remain on the premises for an indeterminate time until someone arrives to collect the child.

In the event the parent is late and cannot be contacted, the following procedure will be implemented. Parents are requested to keep both their own and emergency contact number up to date at all times.

1.       By 6:00 pm, staff will attempt to contact parents first, or emergency contacts.

2.      If parents or emergency numbers cannot be contacted by 6:15 pm, staff will attempt to notify all contacts again.

3.      If contact is established, the person will be asked to collect the child by 6:30pm.  Staff should check identification details, ensure that the person collecting the child is authorized to do so and complete the attendance form.

4.      If contact cannot be made with an emergency contact by 6:30pm, staff will contact the coordinator or Rabbi Shimshon Yurkowicz.

5.      If by 6:30 pm contact has not been made with a parent or emergency contact, the staff will take the child to the Rabbi’s home at 1138 Malvern Road, Malvern. A note with a telephone number will be left on the front door of the centre. Once left at the Rabbi’s home, he will continue trying to contact the parents and emergency contact.

6.      If contact has not been made by 9:00pm, the Department of Health and Family Services will be notified.

* Please note that the Rabbi’s home is within 2 minutes walking distance from the centre, so no legal aspects are incurred in terms of car seat restraints and taking children in staff cars.