Orientation visits are opportunities to spend small periods of time at the centre to help parents and children become familiar with the environment and staff before day care placement begins. Parents are obliged to remain in the building for the visits that the Coordinator will organize for you. Fees will then be charged as per your child’s days.

Children are able to participate in activities, get to know the staff and other children and become acquainted with their environment. Familiarity with the centre will ease feelings of anxiety when it comes time to leave your child on the first day of care.


Family grouping means a time frame when all children from all ages are together. Generally at this centre these times are between 8.00am to 9.00am and 4.30 to 6.00pm. Usually family grouping occurs at the beginning and end of each day as ratios of staff and children are decreased.

Family grouping provides opportunities for younger children to learn from older children.  It also allows older children to show empathy towards younger children which is especially helpful when a new baby comes along.



Everything must be labelled with your child’s name. We are not responsible for any lost items.

1.       A complete change of clothes

2.      A dummy if required to be labelled and in a sealed container

3.      A whole piece of fruit (uncut) for sharing

4.      A soft toy for comforting, if required

5.      A separate bag with one fitted cot sheet and a blanket (no plastic bags) – all labelled

6.      A labelled sunhat to remain at creche

7.      A labelled water bottle which will be taken home weekly and cleaned

8.      A happy smile to start your fun day

The centre provides a large range of educational toys and equipment for children’s programs. It is difficult if children bring inappropriate toys (such as war toys). Children fight over personal toys, or personal toys get broken or lost. Parents will be told if older children can bring a toy along for a “show and tell” session.

Persuading children to leave a favourite toy at home when you are in a hurry can be difficult and frustrating at times.

If you have been unsuccessful, ask staff for assistance when you arrive. If personal toys are brought to the centre, we will not be held responsible if they are lost or damaged.


Children should be dressed in clothing that is appropriate for day care.  It should be comfortable, weather appropriate and allow children the freedom to carry out the many activities and routines that are offered during the day as independently as possible.

Messy activities are part of their development and smocks are provided for these activities.  Smocks do not guarantee that children will not get dirty so parents should dress children accordingly.

Outdoor play is an important part of the program and it is essential that parents provide coats for cool weather, and a labelled sunhat that will remain at crèche at all times.

Footwear should be suitable for indoor and outdoor play and where possible, easily removed by staff or children and be safe (no thongs).

All items of clothing must be labelled.  The centre will not take responsibility for lost clothing which was not named. Staff are responsible for the care of the children and cannot be expected to leave them to search for lost clothing.

Parents are asked to provide adequate supply of spare clothing in their child’s bag.  Extra will be needed if you child is toilet training.  The centre keeps a supply of clothing for emergencies and if used, parents should launder them and return them as soon as possible.  There is a lost property basket.  Any items which have not been claimed within a month will become part of Crèche spare clothes or donated to charity.



Children find it difficult to respond to parents when they ask “How was your day?” Or “What did you do today?” as these questions are too broad for children to answer properly.  Try specific questions like “Who did you play with today?” Or “Did you sing any songs today?”  This will start the ball rolling and help the child tell you about their day.