Chabad Malvern Creche was opened by Chabad House Malvern to serve the needs of the local community. Chabad Malvern Creche is characterised by a commitment to transmit the Jewish spiritual heritage to the next generation. Traditional Jewish values and ethics as promulgated by the Torah are central to our philosophy. These values include a belief in G‑d, love of fellow man, respect for parents, study of Torah and observance and appreciation of Mitzvot. We aim to develop the “whole” person. Each child is encouraged to recognize their own self-worth, gifts and abilities G‑d has bestowed upon them so that they are able to live happy, fulfilling lives and better the world we share.

We strive to provide a warm, positive and cooperative environment in which children from divergent backgrounds can grow and learn. A nurturing environment is deemed vital for the development of self-esteem, confidence and happiness of children. Our program provides a balance of social, religious and general themes, as well as life skills, to promote the child’s complete development. We have a child-centred approach where the needs, abilities and interests of individual children are met through a developmentally appropriate and culturally based program. The program provides a balance between safety, security, interests, encouragement and challenge for the child, within both structured, unstructured and play environments.

We encourage the inclusion of children and involvement and participation of staff and parents as working partners in all aspects of the program, regardless of gender, age, ability, social status or family structure.

We dedicate ourselves to our children by helping them become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens. In this way we have adapted to the Australian framework of Belonging, Being & Becoming.