THE Chabad Malvern Early Learning Centre staff are selected for their exceptional abilities. They are commited to caring for the children, understanding the children's needs and ensuring the environment is welcoming, warm and responsive. They are vitally interested in understanding each child through discussion with the parents and responding accordingly. The staff includes a director of the ELC, a ELC co-ordinator, a Jewish studies director and teaching staff. Staff numbers are always equal to or greater than the ratios required by Government regulations.



The management’s role is to be responsible for the running of the centre. It is to support the coordinator, the staff and parents who are employed by, or use the centre. 

Directors (Approved Providers): Shimshon & Rivkah Jurkowicz

Coordinator (Nominated Supervisor): Chana Slavin

Assistant Coordinator: Jasmeet Marwaha

Jewish Enrichment Coordinator: Mandy Caplan

Educational Leader: Amy Spicer